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Holding off the coming of Old men!

Evallyn / Feb 21, 2018
Coven of Shivarra Heroic is of questionable design as a raid boss. Most bosses are punishing to melee in one way or another but usually it comes with some kind of balance. Not this time around though. One of the core mechanics of this fight literally restricts where people can go and also does so randomly. Its fine for the boss itself, tanks can just move the boss so melee can join in but then.. They add stationary adds. Anyways. Our main survival concern was the Army. With floor restrictions and healing range issue things just got too chaotic so we made our own rules.
This was a tough encounter given the roster limits we have, but we have always been inclusive and are not about to stop now. New tactic worked and we managed to get a kill first evening trying it.

Well done, everyone!


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