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Sundering Kil'Jaeden!

Evallyn / Sep 29, 2017
And so with the explosive death of the Deciever we bring closure to Heroic Tomb of Sargeras. Apart from farming a bit until Antorus opens up. This was a classic end boss. Alot of abilities and phases for everyone to learn. Not alot of margin for error either wich was anoying. We felt confident we would get him this reset and indeed it did not take many pulls until we managed to claw our way through the final phase. Excellent performance by everyone and a most satisfying kill!

Next we will try to make sure that the few people who missed the kill also get their chance for the curve.

Well done, everyone!
Lots of love!

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At first the fight felt to be multi layered, a little like Gul'dan or Blackhand, but it quickly made itself clear that from mechanic layers perspective it was simpler, with the necessity to execute critical mechanics right (otherwise wipe). A surprise-kill to everyone and one to be remembered. Well done.

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