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Entering Heroic Nighthold!

Evallyn / Feb 03, 2017
First visit to Heroic Nighthold and we were not sure what to expect. Skorpyron was up first offcourse and well.. Many many scorpids. And more noticeably these little bastards had alot more health. A few pulls before we got used to it and Skorpyron was dead.

After that it was time for the Chronomatic Anomaly wich had us a bit more worried. No new mechanics but the ones present certainly more punishing. Suprisingly this turned out to be easier for some reason.

Just around the corner we found Trilliax and here things got a bit nasty. We had to revise a few things to make it work with the scaled up version but some pulls later things clicked into place and we tidied up the room nicely.

All in all not a bad first visit. Well done, Everyone!



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