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Evallyn / Apr 06, 2018
Noblegarden is currently happening and that offcourse means bunnies! In Antorus there is really only one boss wich allows for the use of our bunny tactic throughout the entire fight. It seemed only appropriate to celebrate our next Varimathras kill with a bunny raid. And so we did!

Evallyn / Mar 12, 2018
And there we have it. Argus the Unmaker Heroic has been dealt with. The final encounter of Heroic Antorus turned out to be much the same as the normal version. Things hurt alot more though and in the end it was mostly the first phase causing troubles. There were some nasty overlaps and little room for misstakes. Alot of practice was required to get it right but in the end we managed to get through it in one piece. Antorus in general was a really nice raid with a suitably epic end boss.

Well done, all!
Evallyn / Mar 05, 2018
And thats Heroic Aggramar dealt with! We were not too worried about this one. Our first visit progressed quickly and once we figured out how to stagger the little flames it was just a matter of practice. A fairly quick and clean kill though final phase took maybe a bit longer than it should have.

Well done, all!
Evallyn / Feb 21, 2018
Coven of Shivarra Heroic is of questionable design as a raid boss. Most bosses are punishing to melee in one way or another but usually it comes with some kind of balance. Not this time around though. One of the core mechanics of this fight literally restricts where people can go and also does so randomly. Its fine for the boss itself, tanks can just move the boss so melee can join in but then.. They add stationary adds. Anyways. Our main survival concern was the Army. With floor restrictions and healing range issue things just got too chaotic so we made our own rules.
This was a tough encounter given the roster limits we have, but we have always been inclusive and are not about to stop now. New tactic worked and we managed to get a kill first evening trying it.

Well done, everyone!
Evallyn / Jan 24, 2018
On normal, Varimathras is incredibly straightfoward. On heroic however things get a bit different. Our patented bunny tactic was faced with two major difficulties. First off the tank bunnies had to respect eachothers private space while still huddling up enough to not feel alone. And every 30 seconds one random brave raidbunny had to face the horror of being alone for a breif period or doom all the bunnies! This was anoyingly unforgiving and we spent quite a while practicing before we managed to get it right. A very satisfying kill indeed!

Well done, everyone!
Evallyn / Jan 22, 2018
Now that we got our precious framerates back we could have another go at Kin'garoth. We figured out a working tactic last visit but ran out of time. Better prepared and with alot of time this still took a while to get down. Things snowball pretty quick here so it has to be more or less perfect. More gear will solve this though.
Also! Apperantly Red is the new Blue! Dammit, Blizzard. How do you always find ways to break random shit?

Well done, everyone! Now the hard part comes!
Evallyn / Jan 10, 2018
Next up was Imonar the Hunter Demon. Luckely he does not have any strange mechanics. This is a straight up encounter more or less and as such did not prove too difficult. Things hurt more and there were some balls during transition but other than that its just like normal version. We brought him down fairly quick.

Rest of the evening we practiced a bit against Kin'garoth. From the looks of things he wont take long to learn either.

Well done, everyone!
Evallyn / Jan 08, 2018
Its a new year and the holiday is over. Time to pick up where we left off wich was tackling Antoran High Command. We did have a bit of a poke at them before the holiday so we knew what to expect. The fight requires some learning but in the end it was mostly the mines causing issues. Nothing a little planned positioning couldnt handle though. An evening of pulls ironing out the wrinkles and down they went!

Well done, all!