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Lischknight-Frost Dk

Thank you for the application, Lischknight.I'm afraid we'll have to decline you at this time. If you'd like to discuss this and go over why, I'm happy to talk in-game about it.Good luck to you in the future! :)
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Vulaan- Windwalker/Mistweaver Monk

1. Class and specialization - please include a link to your armory page.Monk- Windwalker Primary, Mistweaver Off.(If this doesn't have a staff on, it's not updated) What is your ex...
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Balder - Holy paladin

1. Class and specialization - please include a link to your armory page.Holy Paladin What is your experience with this class and specialization.I have played this character as my ma...
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Raynak - Disc priest

1. Class and specialization - What is your experience with this class and specialization.Only played on and off between Cataclysm and start of WODLFR, dungeons and a few runs with y...
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Myrithi - Fury warrior

1. Class and Build - please include a link to your armory page.Warrior fury spec, i do have a gladiator spec also in my secondary one Previous raid experiences and guilds. I started...
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Excelus - Shadow Priest

1. Class and Build - Shadow Priest - Previous raid experiences and guilds - I did all of SoO in Flex mode and have done 6/7 Normal and 1/7 Heroic in Highmaul, before this I did ...
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Beast Mastery Hunter Astrântîâ

Hi, my name is Merete, I'm 27 years old and from Norway. I've played since the end of Wrath, most of the time on Horde Dragonblight. About a year ago me and my boyfriend Johan transferred here, to see the Alliance's side of things and to be on a m...
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Blood Deathknight Miasmîc

Hello. My name is Johan, 31 years old, and I hail from Norway. Me and my girlfriend Merete transferred here a year ago since our realm was dying (Horde Dragonblight), and we wanted to start out fresh, and try out Alliance to see the lore etc. I've...
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Lexci raid application

1. Class and Build - Marksman hunter. Previous raid experiences and guilds. -WoLKIcecrown Citadel - 10man weekly. Everything apart from blood queen and Lich King.Cataclysm Firelands 1...
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Sóftwind Application

Class and Build - please include a link to your armory page. Elemental Shaman\ul0\cf0}}}}\f0\fs22\2. Previous raid experiences and guilds. Mogushan Vaults full normal experie...
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Jafine, social warlock

So, I ran into an alt of a raider from your guild while leveling my warlock towards the noble goal of green fire quest. This sparked the idea of joining Innovation as social member, so could have somewhat sensible(if not always sane) heroic raider...
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I would like to join you with one of my characters for WoD, even all of them, which ever you can need for the raid is up to youDuring MoP my only raid experience was LFR and a bit of flex raiding, but missing an active guild and due to a larger br...
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Flarrox, Application, Fury warrior

FlarroxWarrior – Fury /Protection offspec. raiding days started back in TBC, when I joined the guild “Order of the Red Sun” which at the end of TBC was disbanded and current membe...
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Application from Hildrande - Restoration Druid.

1. Class and Build - please include a link to your armory page.Restoration druid: the time-consuming valor upgrade system I find gear choices are largely determined by what o...
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Ssnipes -- resto Druid

1. Class and Build - please include a link to your armory page.The class I play is a resto Druid and this is the link to my armory. I know some pieces are not fully upgraded but I am working on it as I was very inactive lately :)http://eu.battle...
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DPS hunter :)

1. Class and Build - please include a link to your armory page.I play a hunter, i switch specs often but i mainly play survival 80% of the time. Previous raid experiences and guil...
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Layn - Discipline Priest

Hi. \o/1. Class and Build - please include a link to your armory page.Discipline Priest main secondary stat I'm focusing on is crit currently. I'm waiting to upgrade the enchant on ...
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Elemental DPS Shaman

1. Class and Build. - Please include Armory link.óuarn/advanced2. Previous raid experiences and guilds. My previous raid guild was Aesir, a 10 man raiding guild that i was in for quite a while.. U...
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Windwalker Monk DPS application.

1. Class and Build. - Please include Armory link. - Windwalker monk.2. Previous raid experiences and guilds. I used to raid 25man HC with a guild called Heresy on the realm Darkmoon F...
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Frost DW Death-Knight Úlfurmaður

1. Class and Build. - Please include Armory link.I am a Death-Knight, Frost spec DW 564. Previous raid experiences and guilds. I have raided in the guild CoJ 10 man. I...
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