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#13319018 Jun 26, 2017 at 09:20 AM
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1. Class and specialization - please include a link to your armory page.

Mage, frost

2. What is your experience with this class and specialization.

Been playing this particular character and this alone for 10 years now. So I think we're pretty acquainted by now. I've followed the spec as it has altered, I feel comfortable with it.

3. What is your previous raid experiences and guilds.

Been in raiding guilds since Wrath. More hardcore ones in MoP and Wod, but got fed up with the elitist attitude. Reckon I have a pretty wide raiding experience.

4. Why have you chosen to apply to Innovation.

I liked the ad, I like the fact that there is no voice chat and that focus seems to be on keeping a good atmosphere.

5. What are your expectations upon joining Innovation.

Just want a nice, relaxed group to play with really.

6. Do you know anybody in Innovation that can vouch for you.

I don't think so, no.

7. Please list all addons you currently use.



I'm not really a crazy addon person.

8. Anything else you would like to add.
#13319034 Jun 26, 2017 at 09:36 AM
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Accepted :)
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