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Evallyn / Feb 01, 2017
At the top of the Nighthold tower we finally managed to catch up with Gul'dan to deal with his shenanigans. The encounters rapidly increased in terms of difficulty in the later parts of this raid with Elisande and Gul'dan seemingly having a sale on abilities and alot of soft enrage breakpoints. Despite this we managed to take down them both this reset and watch as Gul'dan resigned to his fate as a an Illidari conversation piece once again.

Well done, all! Next its time to start poking Heroic and see what that brings!
Evallyn / Jan 16, 2017
Just in time for the 'curve' achievement we managed to put down Helya on heroic. There was no real secret to this fight though. It is a messy fight on so many levels but as you learn what to expect it gets easier. In the end we just had a reasonably good phase 2 and managed to power through phase 3 and get the kill. So that is ToV cleared aswell.

Well done, everyone!
Next reset its time for Nighthold and we are all looking foward to that. See you there!
Evallyn / Jan 11, 2017
Back to Helheim we go to visit Helya. Her slobbering guard dog was in the way though so we had to deal with him first. This is just a basic DPS fight with a few oneshot mechanics. Had some bad pulls but he soon got put down once the kinks had been ironed out.

Well done, all!

Helya is an entirely different beast though and might take some time.
Evallyn / Jan 09, 2017
Trial of Valor. The poorly recieved filler raid to tie up the story in Stormheim. I am unsure why they thought the story needed anymore tying up though. When I quested through that zone it all seemed fairly conclusive with the dungeons ending the story. But sadly Odyn wanted more testing. We cleared normal ages ago when it first opened up but heroic seemed somewhat overtuned. Atleast as far as Heroic Odyn went. The unavoidable shatter damage in phase 2 really had our healers struggling and so we kind of put the raid on the shelf for a while as it wasnt exactly that interesting to begin with. Anyways. We decided to come back in light of recent nerfs and much to our suprise we now oneshotted it.

Well done , all!
Rest of the evening we struggled with the puppy but came up just slightly short on the dps side. We will be more prepared next visit.
Evallyn / Oct 30, 2016
So once again we are frolicing in the Emerald lands normally reserved for druids. All nice and cleansed with hints of sadness over what was lost to Xavius madness. He put up quite a fight in the end in terms of raw numbers wich is to be expected of the final encounter in a raid. The encounter itself however wasnt anything over the top silly like (god forbid) Imperator in High Maul. We had the tactic down pretty early but pushing the breakpoints in the fight had us stalled for a time. All done now though :)

Excellent job, all!
Evallyn / Oct 27, 2016
This was a nasty encounter. It is once again all about the adds except its not. Its more about getting enough dps in on Cenarius between his thorns auras. And its even more about Blizzard being dicks with the Brambles. We did some experimenting with wich adds to cleanse and when but choices are limited. Its not recommended to get doubles but on some waves the alternatives are not great. It did not take long until we had a tactic we figured would work as long as we could just get the dps in on Cenarius to transition him. That last part required some practice.. Also.. Brambles are dicks! Eventually we got it right though, brambles or not.

Well done, all!
Evallyn / Oct 17, 2016
Elerethe Renferal is yet another druid caught in the Nightmare. She seems to have bad dreams about Taurens. And also spiders.. and the occasional bird. There have been a few platform hopping boss fights in the past but it is not something Blizzard often uses. In this case it was used fairly sparingly. Eitherway it was mostly the transition that was the problem for us and the best way to dump puddles of poison. Several pulls and revisions of tactics and we managed to take her down.

Well done, everyone!
Evallyn / Oct 12, 2016
Un'Goro crater ironicly always was a bit of a nightmare to begin with. That suprisingly silent moving Devilsaur still hunt my dreams from leveling my first character through that place. He makes a breif cameo in the Emerald Nightmare version aswell offcourse. This encounter was hectic. Alot going on combined with rapid targetswitching and selective killing of adds took alot of practice. What to kill and what not to kill and when had us going through several itterations of tactics. Eventually we figured out what works for us and chopped down the whispering tree of horrors.

Well done, everyone!