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Evallyn / Nov 13, 2017
Sunday was the Moonkin Festival day and so we decided to have a bit of an honoring of our one and only Moonkin by embracing the druid lifestyle in Moonglade for an evening. One of the moonkins in the picture is our moonkin but I am not sure wich one.. or wich one is actually a real moonkin.

Many feathers were shed!
Evallyn / Sep 29, 2017
And so with the explosive death of the Deciever we bring closure to Heroic Tomb of Sargeras. Apart from farming a bit until Antorus opens up. This was a classic end boss. Alot of abilities and phases for everyone to learn. Not alot of margin for error either wich was anoying. We felt confident we would get him this reset and indeed it did not take many pulls until we managed to claw our way through the final phase. Excellent performance by everyone and a most satisfying kill!

Next we will try to make sure that the few people who missed the kill also get their chance for the curve.

Well done, everyone!
Lots of love!
Evallyn / Sep 13, 2017
So yeah... Kind off cut it a bit close on this one. This encounter was an anoyance. Mostly due to us having so many melee and in general fairly large raidsizes on average. It tends to get a bit claustrophobic at times during phase 1 and staying out of eachothers way can be a real panic! This required alot of practice until people found their spots and got used to how people around them tended to move.

Eventually we started to get to phase 2 reliably and then it was just numbers.

Well done, everyone!
Evallyn / Aug 23, 2017
We spent quite a while practicing on this encounter. The fight itself is not that complicated but it is very unforgiving for misstakes. Especially in larger raidsizes like ours where one persons slip up affects everyone else. Not much to it other than alot of practice and learning how to not mess up. Unfortunatly I missed this kill but I heard that it was just that. A matter of getting it right.

Well done, everyone!
We had some pulls on Avatar and he seems more like a simple numbers game in comparison.
Evallyn / Aug 02, 2017
This one had us a bit worried. I have heard alot about how many find this the most confusing encounter in the raid and maybe it is. It is a bit deceptive though. Much like with the old Klaxxi encounter you really only need to keep track of your bit of the encounter. We solved the cross realm stuff with a simple "This stuff happens here" solution and after that it was just a matter of people learning 'their' bit. All in all this turned out to be a suprisingly quick kill despite the worrying initial outlook.

Well done, everyone!
Evallyn / Jul 31, 2017
So after having postponed this for a while after almost getting it last time but ending due to it being late, we decided to give it a poke again last raid. Again it was late but we figured a test poke wouldnt hurt and down they went. This fight is mostly about avoiding stuff and only the last phase seems to be a bit hectic but not too much.

Well done, all
Evallyn / Jul 19, 2017
More Nagas. And eels and murlocs and a whale and some kind of octopus. All the fishes and mamals and molusks in one big stew. The mechanics of this fight are not complicated on their own. The different phases dont really change the fight that much either. But add it all up and things get really hectic towards the end. One slip up and things snowball fast.
Nedless to say it took a bit of practice but we eventually managed to get her down.

Well done, all. Next reset we will start poking the sisters and see how that goes.
Evallyn / Jul 10, 2017
These Nagas seem to turn up everywhere. I suppose it makes sense that they would get a backstage pass seeing how their queen is Sargeras biggest fan. Harjatan is a fairly straightfoward fight.. alot of adds.. some AoE.. some floorpatches and so on. He didnt require alot of practice.

Rest of the evening we spent practicing with his Mistress.

Well done, all!