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Evallyn / Jul 19, 2017
More Nagas. And eels and murlocs and a whale and some kind of octopus. All the fishes and mamals and molusks in one big stew. The mechanics of this fight are not complicated on their own. The different phases dont really change the fight that much either. But add it all up and things get really hectic towards the end. One slip up and things snowball fast.
Nedless to say it took a bit of practice but we eventually managed to get her down.

Well done, all. Next reset we will start poking the sisters and see how that goes.
Evallyn / Jul 10, 2017
These Nagas seem to turn up everywhere. I suppose it makes sense that they would get a backstage pass seeing how their queen is Sargeras biggest fan. Harjatan is a fairly straightfoward fight.. alot of adds.. some AoE.. some floorpatches and so on. He didnt require alot of practice.

Rest of the evening we spent practicing with his Mistress.

Well done, all!
Evallyn / Jul 07, 2017
Kil'Jaeden managed to slip away last reset as we turned our attention towards Heroic progress. But we felt like it was something we wanted to take care off. Dont like leaving lose ends if it can be avoided. So we started this reset with extending the lockout so we could put that particular itch behind us. Its a rather fun fight. Some mechanics seem a bit over the top and fidgety when using a standard setup but we adapted and he fell shortly after.

So now we are within teleport distance of Argus.... Thanks Illidan 😣

Well done, all! Next its back to heroic progress.
Evallyn / Jul 03, 2017
Tomb of Sargeras is open for business and as usual we spent the first reset running around in normal difficulty trying things out. We cleared up to and including Avatar and had some pulls on Kil'Jaeden aswell. This reset it was time to throw in some heroic poking to get a feel for things.
Goroth turned out to be a classic gift boss. One pull and he fell over.

We then proceeded to Demonic Inquisition wich was not much different on heroic but the added random sources of torment took a while to get used to. In the end we got a fairly clean kill on them aswell.

We seem to lag behind a bit on damage output but some gearing should sort that. All in all a fun first visit.
Well done, all!
Evallyn / Apr 10, 2017
So there we go. Gul'dan Heroic finally taken care off. The encounter gets a bit intense in last phase and RNG can definatly screw you over but it was not nearly as anoying as Botanist. It requires solid dps and healing and a bit of practice but once the mechanics were down it was just a numbers game really.

Awesome job, all!
Evallyn / Apr 05, 2017
So we finally reached Elisande after having cleared out the Palace area. There is a new mechanic in heroic with the echoes that at first was really messy but we soon adapted to it. The fight itself has not changed much. Its just more and things repeat more often. A few pulls and we secured a fairly clean kill.

Well done, everyone!
Evallyn / Mar 20, 2017
Its that time of year when the flu comes around and people generally comes down with all kinds of colds. Being a bit light on healing due to this we felt that maybe Star Augur would be suitable for a poke as its more about damage. Its not a complicated fight and its not full of nonstop raidwide damage like most of the other bosses in this area. That said we still had to call in one of our less well healers to assist to get the kill. Once she was there it went smoothly.

Well done everyone!