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Evallyn / Dec 11, 2017
And here we are again. The final raid of an expansion and starting our heroic progression. Worldbreaker was not much different from normal and fell over on first pull. More damage and more health and some extra damage sources but nothing too fancy.

The Felhounds on the other hand took a bit of practice. Getting used to the extra abilities required some pulls but then they too fell over.

We spent the rest of the evening experimenting with various approaches for dealing with Hasabel and feel confident she will fall soon. All in all not a bad first poke.

Well done, all!
Evallyn / Dec 06, 2017
As is our tradition with any new raid we jumped into Antorus on Normal difficulty for the first reset. We look at the sights, kek around, have some laughs, get lost and die in hillarious ways and offcourse kill everything! This has been our way for quite a while now and it helps alot with getting familiar with the raid before starting on Heroic.
Antorus was a mixed bag. Most of the encounters were really fun, others felt a bit underwhelming and then there was Eonar wich was just... what? The experience as whole was epic though and thats what counts. Looking foward to Heroic progression this coming reset.

Well done, all. Was alot of fun!
Evallyn / Nov 13, 2017
Sunday was the Moonkin Festival day and so we decided to have a bit of an honoring of our one and only Moonkin by embracing the druid lifestyle in Moonglade for an evening. One of the moonkins in the picture is our moonkin but I am not sure wich one.. or wich one is actually a real moonkin.

Many feathers were shed!