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Evallyn / Jan 10, 2018
Next up was Imonar the Hunter Demon. Luckely he does not have any strange mechanics. This is a straight up encounter more or less and as such did not prove too difficult. Things hurt more and there were some balls during transition but other than that its just like normal version. We brought him down fairly quick.

Rest of the evening we practiced a bit against Kin'garoth. From the looks of things he wont take long to learn either.

Well done, everyone!
Evallyn / Jan 08, 2018
Its a new year and the holiday is over. Time to pick up where we left off wich was tackling Antoran High Command. We did have a bit of a poke at them before the holiday so we knew what to expect. The fight requires some learning but in the end it was mostly the mines causing issues. Nothing a little planned positioning couldnt handle though. An evening of pulls ironing out the wrinkles and down they went!

Well done, all!
Evallyn / Dec 15, 2017
Another reset and another visit to Heroic Antorus. We quickly dispatched our two previous kills and once again set our eyes on Hasabel. This time armed with what we learned from last visit though a few people were new to the fight. It did not take very long though until she kicked the bucket regardless! Its a long fight, maybe a bit too long it feels but I suspect it might be due to gear.

Next up was Eonars lush sanctum. This encounter was kinda meh on Normal and in a way still is on Heroic. Its alot more difficult but it still feels like chain pulling trash until you win. We tried with one team first but had to split up to be able to manage the waves on time.

Well done, everyone! Next is High Command wich will be interesting.